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Root Canal Treatment

Best Root Canal Treatment in Nigdi Pradhikaran, Nigdi, PCMC, Akurdi

Oral health plays vital role in everyone’s healthy life. Regular checkups of teeth is necessary to save your tooth from infection and extraction. If you feel prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold, toothache or swelling around teeth, then consult professional dentist and get the best root canal treatment in Nigdi Pradhikaran, Nigdi, PCMC, Akurdi.

What is root canal treatment? What are its symptoms?

Root canal treatment is the procedure of removal of infected tooth material that caused by reaching decay at the pulp (inner layer of the tooth). RCT is painless treatment that help to prevent infection from spreading and protect tooth from extraction. The symptoms such as toothaches, swelling in gums, highly sensitivity to hot or cold materials, infection are seen, it is necessary to do root canals.

Why root canal treatment is needed?

Once pulp get damaged completely, tooth can lost and appear bad effect on the face. It also creates lots of problems like difficulty in speeches, chewing, eating. It can also spread infection and cause diseases. So, root canal treatment (RCT) is necessary to save tooth from damaging and extraction.

If you seriously concern about health of your teeth, then consult DR. Amruta Phalke- the best root canal treatment specialist in Nigdi Pradhikaran, Nigdi, PCMC, Akurdi.